Come fare in fretta la daily

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copiato spudoratamente da ma mi viene + comodo averlo qui che cercarlo ogni volta


Daily Aquatic Slayer – 25 Underwater kills

  • Kill stuff in water, got my done in Cursed Shores but anywhere with water and mobs works.

Daily Combo Killer – 10 kill combos with an ally

  • This daily is buggy and got removed from the weekly rotation.

Daily Crafter – 10 items crafted

  • Refinement counts towards this. If you have a crafter, just refine some random mats. If you don’t have one, pick something easy like weaponsmith/armorsmith and just buy some copper ores off the trading post to refine.

Daily Dodger – Dodge 15 attacks

  • Flame Legion Igniter mobs outside Citadel of Flame in Fireheart Rise (you can find some on the bridge) – if you dodge their flamethrower attack, it counts for something like 6-7 dodges. Run around in a circle around them a few laps and you should get your daily dodger done fast.


  • Ice wurms in Frostgorge sound south of Honor of the Waves dungeon entrance – they have a rock attack that can be dodged very easily. Dodge as soon as you see the rock is in the air if you stand close to them.


Daily Events – Complete 5 events

  • Lots of options here but my favorite is probably west side of Kessex Hills. There are 3-4 events part of the Battle of Fort Salma event chain, They are fast events with a quick respawn timer. Events that are part of the chain occur at locations 1-3 in a sequential manner so just WP over there and see which events are going on.


  • You other options are events north of Nebo Terrace (where you knock out the daily healer achievement), do events with the zerg in Cursed Shores (Plinx event is terrific for that if it is up), capping stuff in WvW, or go to NW corner of Metrica Province and do the Thaumanova Reactor events.

Daily Gatherer – Gather 20 items

  • Self explanatory, go to Cursed Shores/Malchor’s Leap to do your daily Orichalcum run for the best bang for the buck! Use if you are unsure where the orichalcum ores are located.

Daily Healer – Revive 10 allies (players or NPCs)

  • The field north of Nebo Terrace in Gendarran Fields is a good spot to rez NPCs as there are a lot of dead NPCs in the field and most of die quickly to the skelks after being rezzed


  • An old favorite is the Thaumanova Reactor in NW corner of Metrica Province. There are a lot of dead asura NPCs to revive and lots of different mobs to kill for daily kill variety.


Daily Kill Variety – 13 different types of enemies killed

  • In NE corner of Gendarran Fields there is an arena type of event to kill a variety of animals which is more than enough to finish off the daily kill variety


  • Thaumanova Reactor in NW corner of Metrica Province works well for this, see Daily Healer for map of the location.

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